Alarm system Bentel Absolute plus

In this section you can take a look at all elements and components suitable for designing a hybrid system, or wholly wired spinning or full wireless; Starting from the base of the new ones Alarm control units Bentel Absolute Plus, in the cuts of 18, 48 or 128 areas of manageable alarms, offering a high quality of components, design and therefore of the guaranteed level of safety, both for small domestic installations and for high-level industrial installations.

Thanks to the extension BW-PGH The control panel will be equipped with the innovative Wireless PowerG communication technology that will allow a quick, secure and encrypted transmission with all the wireless accessories of the BW series, making it in fact the central absoluta a wireless alarm system. The Wireless BW-PGH expansion will therefore be necessary if at least one radio sensor must be used in the system, including wireless sirens or remote controls.

Plant management will be possible via LCD or touchscreen keyboards connected to a Serial bus Four conductors. On the same bus, electronic key readers can be configured and Tags for rapid touch activations. From all devices it will be possible to carry out both the total insertion and 2 types (4 for keyboards) of partial insertions. Regarding the keyboards you can choose between the model Bentel Classika LCD or the most complete Bentel Premium LCD And Bentel Absolute T-Line With which to insert and disconnect the system even via the same touch tags. The keyboard Bentel M-Touch, with 7 "color screen, it will be ideal for rapid utilities activations in home automation applications as well as being useful surveys of environments thanks to customizing 32 graphic maps. Functions for managing an intelligent building will be possible from all Keyboards Taking advantage of the smart features of the sensors included in the project.

Keyboards for configuring the Alarm system Bentel Absolute

For the spin expansion of your system, the modules will be needed instead Bentel m-in / outwhich must be installed with connection on the same bus used for keyboards, possibly even distant from the control unit, exceeded the number of 8 wired sensors on the Absolute card; To size 1 M-IN / OUT expansion for each group of 6 added sensors. The maximum number of sensors configurable in the system, between rows and wireless, will be indicated by the Absolute Plus model chosen ie 18, 48, or 128.

The possibility of using, beyond the traditional telephone line spinning or replacing this, a GSM / GPRS network, will be given by the ABS-GSM module, with which the system will send, simultaneously of voice calls, detailed SMS for each event detected by your system. With the installation of this tab, the control panel will be fully manageable by sending SMS or from smartphones with a downloadable app (both for Android and for iOS) in the Free version or in the Pro version, which included activations of scenarios for Home Automation.

If you do not want to insert a SIM with data plan in your control unit, the same SMART control and connectivity functions (except for calls and SMS) can be added to your system thanks to ABS-IP module which will allow a faster connection and remote communication with its own control unit, thanks to WiFi connectivity on the home network or via the RJ-45 LAN network cable. Always thanks to this module you can receive system notifications via email.

Below it is possible to view a summary scheme of the possibilities offered by the Security System Bentel Absolute Plus, with the various components available:

Summary of Absolute System with Map of Accessories and Compatible Detectors