Discover the new ed innovative QOLSYS system, a new way of thinking and living the safety of your home, improving the quality of your life. The whole system will be managed by the powerful IQ Panel brain, a super intelligent device that will transform the way to live your home and security every day, thanks to its innovative smart security functions and advanced home automation.
Some of the intelligent features available with the new Qolsys IQ Panel plant
Design your "All-in-one" safety system, Video surveillance and state-of-the-art home automation starting from the IQ Panel control unit, equipped with the revolutionary SMART HOME technology dedicated to advanced LTE, wireless Z-Wave and PowerG cell communication protocols with high encrypted transmission reliability.
To use your new IQ Panel station you will not need any manual, the commands are Simple and intuitive And, aboard the central, you will find practical video tutorials to watch in case of need. Furthermore, the remote support of our technicians will be simple and immediate, guaranteeing continuity in your activities and in your safety.
The reliability of the system, as well as the great variety of choice in the accessories for the safety of its installation, are possible thanks to the protocol of POWERG Communication which makes the power station compatible with all Tyco Bentel Security Powerg accessories, as well as offer a very high level of encryption and security in communications and Against hacking attempts.
The intelligence of IQ Panel allows you to create Scenarios and Automations Able to consider the information obtained from the system both thanks to the safety components and through the home automation components, guaranteeing unprecedented automation and simplification levels. It will be impossible for example Set automation rules such as: "When I leave home, enter my security system, close the key door to the key and adjust the temperature of the thermostat"
On the hardware side the central IQ Panel is a concentration of technology that, in addition to the aforementioned connectivity possibilities, offers a bright 7 "display 1280x800 with capacitive multi-touch, useful for appreciating the device as an elegant digital picture frame for your photographs when it is in stand-by mode. Also aboard the central body we find a micro-SD card reader, a powerful internal siren, a sophisticated rupture detector, speakers and a 5MP video camera for photo and video acquisition.

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