lettore di prossimità per esterno Bentel Proxi 2 per inserimento e disinserimento rapido del sistema

Bentel Proxi 2 External or internal proximity reader for Absolute Central

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Product description

Bentel Proxi 2 is a reader for keys, tags and weaves of proximity, without electrical contacts, which allows you to alarm and disarm the alarm system simply by touching the device with a key or badge recognized by the system.

It is a control device for quick insertions and disconnections that can be installed in indoor environments but also outdoors having a degree of protection IP34.

Compatible with key models, tags and cards Bentel Proximity.

Main features of the reader Bentel Proxi 2

  • Proximity reader for touch keys.
  • Presence of 3 LEDs for indication of the system status.
  • Internal microswitches for setting the address.
  • Magnetic field intensity: 65.8 DBA / m.
  • Frequency band: 125 kHz.

Technical details of the reader Bentel Proxi 2

Product sizes (a x L x P):78 x 108 x 22 mm

Product weight:40g

Color color:White

Installation environment: Outdoor or interior

Type of installation:Wired on BPI bus

Type of power: 12V

Absorption: 30 mA

Operating temperature:From -10 ° C to 50 ° C

Brand: Tyco Bentel| Johnson Controls

Producer: Bentel Security

Consult the Data Sheet

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