contatto magnetico a sigaretta art 414Tf per montaggio ad incasso scomparsa su porte e finestre

Magnetic contact Rhining Art 414TF recessed for doors and windows

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Product description

Art 414TF is a cigarette magnetic contact in galvanized brass for pissing / disappeared mounting in fixtures, with ∅8mm hole. Equipped with high mechanical resistance for recessed mounting in fixtures. The contact body is galvanized for a better aesthetic result and greater resistance to corrosion.

Suitable for mounting on aluminum, wood, PVC fixtures and generally frames of non-ferromagnetic material (montage on iron frames significantly reduces the intervention distance). The extensive intervention distance allows installation even on frames with high tolerances or games. It is mounted at a pressure in a hole of 8 mm in diameter.

The Reed part contains an hermetically encapsulated ampoule with polyurethane resin together with a tamper loop to reduce the possibilities of bureau. Available with 30cm and 2m length cable. The connection is 4-wire.

Main features of magnetic contact Art 414TF

  • Certificate according to EN50131-2-6.
  • Assembly Built-in with hole ∅8mm.
  • Suitable for aluminum, wood and PVC frames.
  • Not suitable for iron frames.
  • External body in galvanized brass.
  • With Tamper antimancers thread loop.
  • IP65 protection degree.
  • Equipped with a 30cm cable.

Technical details of the magnetic contact Art 414TF

Product size:  ∅10 x P35 mm 

Product weight: ~15g

Color color:Galvanized brass

Installation environment: from outdoor or indoor.

Type of installation:Spin / wired

Type of power:No. - max 60 vdc, 10W

Absorption:1st max

Operating temperature:From -25 ° C to 50 ° C


Producer: COOPER CSA

Consult the Data Sheet