rilevatore volumetrico a tenda da interno Qolsys PG9924 con infrarosso passivo wireless per impianto di allarme senza fili Bentel BW-IRT

Volumetric detector with wireless pir passive pir PG9924 BW-IRT

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Product description

The Curtain sensor "A tent" PG9924 BW-IRT is a sensor of the Infrared Passive Tenda-effect type, for interiors, designed for easy installation, and protection of the main access points in case of burglary. This appliance exploits the most modern technology to incorporate 3 different detectors into a single device, each programmable to obtain optimal performance in the installation position and practically no false alarm. The superiority of the performance of this detector is obtained from the advanced analysis of the movement that allows the PG9924 BW-IRT to distinguish between the true movement of a human body and any other disturbance that could cause false alarms.

This sensor has been produced by exploiting the advanced Wireless PowerG technology The new powerful wireless communication protocol that allows a long-range transmission and strengthens the protection against interference, also the transmission of events is immediate.

The modern and subtle design of the sensor adapts to every type of frame, profile or environment, all without sacrificing ease of installation and maintenance; In fact the radar has a housing for easy access batteries for their replacement.

Main features of the infrared detector pg9924 BW-IRT

  • POWGG bidirectional communication protocol.
  • Very low power consumption.
  • Temperature compensation controlled by microprocessor.
  • Optical system protected by a sealed chamber.
  • Anti-sabotage switch on the cover.
  • Activation optional anti-tear switch.
  • White light protection.
  • Elegant and robust container.
  • Indication of the quality of the radio signal.

Technical details PG9924 BW-IRT motion sensor

Product sizes (a x L x P):105 x 35 x 30 mm

Product weight:60g (battery included)

Color color: White

Installation environment: indoor

Type of installation: wireless

Type of power:Battery (3V, CR-123A lithium battery) included

Battery life:7 years for typical use

Operating temperature:From -10 ° C to 50 ° C

Brand: Johnson Controls

Producer: Visonic Ltd.

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