Bentel BW-ODT Rilevatore volumetrico di movimento octa PIR wireless PG9994 da esterno Qolsys radar PowerG

External Wireless Volumetric Detector Octa PIR PG9994 BW-ODT

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Product description

PG9994 BW-ODT is an outdoor wireless infrared volumetric detector, with the innovative Octa-Quad and Mirror PIR technology, which allows you to detect real threats by minimizing false alarms. Equipped with intelligent anti-masking capable of distinguished between rain and masking spray and anti-sabotage protection against opening and removing the wall.

This sensor has been produced by exploiting the advanced Wireless PowerG technology and guarantees an exceptional level of protection from intrusion, as well as an immunity greater than false alarms. Furthermore, the sensor has integrated PowerG signal indicators, which allow to control the signal strength without any need to physically approach to the control panel, thus allowing to create a simple and rapid installation.

Main features of the Wireless Detector 8 PIR PG9994 BW-ODT

  • 8 patented independent PIR detectors working in True Quad (patented) configuration with True Motion Recognition (TMR) processing for each of the 8 PIR detectors.
  • Optics Advanced Obsidian Black Mirrortm.
  • Excellent performance even in low visibility conditions as in the presence of snow, rain, sand, wind or direct light.
  • Frequency Hopping Technology Spectrum Bidirectional FHSS-TDMA Spectrum - provides solidity and reliability equal to that of wired systems.
  • Visible alarm LED even with sunlight.
  • Temperature compensation controlled by the microprocessor.
  • Immunity to pets weighing up to 18 kg.
  • Integrated support bracket.

Technical details Volumetric sensor 8 PIR PG9994 BW-ODT

Product sizes (a x L x P):157 x 147 x 124 mm

Product weight:600g (battery included)

Color color: White

Installation environment: outside

Type of installation: wireless

Type of power:2 Bacteria2 (3V, CR123A Lithium battery) Included

Battery life:3 years for typical use

Operating temperature:From -35 ° C to 60 ° C

Brand: Johnson Controls

Producer: Visonic Ltd.

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