Rilevatore di movimento doppia tecnologia Microonda ed infrarosso EEA Syrio DT 06 volumetrico filare

Anti-intrusion motion sensor with double technology Syrio DT

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Product description

Syrio dt is aVolumetric anti-intrusion detector of microwave detection technology (MW) and passive infrared (PIR).Produced in Italy by Eee Srl,Company specialized in the integral design of anti-intrusion sensors and relative production. The company has been operating in the market for anti-theft systems, placing itself as objective of realized products characterized by a high quality standard, which can offer high reliability solutions in installing detection and flexibility.

The radar stands out as well as for quality of components, for important features such as the infrared anti-angle function and the ECO function that offers the possibility of switching off the microwave when the system is off.

The Syrio DT volumetric is available in two versions:

- Syrio dt 06 (Volumetric Double Technology Detector with Anti-Blind function)

- Syrio dt pet (Volumetric Detector Double Immune Technology to Pets, Without Anti-Blind function)

Main features of the Syrio DT double technology detector

  • Logic and: you have the alarm condition when both the microwave and infrared section detect the intrusion.
  • Anti-infrared blind to countertrusive attempts to conceal.
  • ECO function that is switched off to switch off the microwave.
  • Deactivating detection views keeping the LEDs of the sensor off.
  • Selectable sensitivity on multiple levels.
  • Total coverage of 90 ° for 15 meters in the version Syrio dt 06.
  • Total coverage of 90 ° for 12 meters in the version Syrio dt pet.
  • Joint accessory for wall or ceiling installations included in the model package Syrio dt 06.

Technical details of the SYRIO DT motion sensor

Product sizes (a x L x P):107 x 61.5 x 43.5 mm

Product weight:86g

Color color: White

Installation environment: indoor

Type of installation:Spin / wired

Type of power: 12V (+/- 3V)

Absorption:30mA> 15mA

Operating temperature:From -10 ° C to 55 ° C

Brand: EEA SRL

Producer:EEA SRL

Consult the Data Sheet

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