Bentel BW-SRO Sirena da esterno completamente wireless PowerG senza fili antisabotaggio con flash a led Qolsys PG9911 batt

Outdoor siren completely wireless battery included pg991 bw-sro

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Product description

The outdoor mermaid PG9911 BW-sro is an external siren that uses the PowerG bidirectional wireless technology, and is designed for installation in areas where the use of cables is difficult or impossible. It matches new and advanced alarm system and smart home Qolsys and Bentel Absolute Plus, and is activated to report an event identified by the system as an alarm event.

Equipped with stroboscopic flash and a level of sound pressure of at least 109 dB at 1m; The siren is activated for a predefined "mermaid time", in accordance with the requirements of local authorities or until the system is deactivated, depending on which condition occurs first.

This device has been produced by exploiting the advanced Wireless PowerG technology The new powerful wireless communication protocol that allows a long-range transmission and strengthens the protection against interference, also the transmission of events is immediate.

Main features of wireless outdoor siren pg9911 bw-sro

  • POWGG bidirectional wireless communication protocol.
  • Double anti-sabotage protection with alarm in the event of mermaid tampering.
  • Low-voltage battery alert When the battery voltage is low (before the siren is completely inactive, at least 2 siren alarms will be possible).
  • Types of sound: intrusion (between 1.400Hz and 3.200Hz), fire, gas / co and flooding.
  • Reproduction of output time tones that are emitted when the user has activated the system; and of the tones of the entry time that are emitted when entered the protected area.
  • Totally supervised two-way communication. In fact, the siren includes both a receiver to receive event messages from the alarm system, and a transmitter to periodically transmit the signal to the alarm system on its status.
  • Indication of the quality of the radio signal with the control unit.

Technical details of the wireless siren from outdoor pg9911 bw-sro

Product sizes (a x L x P):295 x 186 x 63 mm

Product weight:970G (battery included)

Color color: White (with blue lens)

Installation environment: outside

Type of installation: wireless

Type of power:Batteries (3.6 V / 3.5 with four independent lithium cells)

Battery life:8 years for typical use

Operating temperature:From -33 ° C to 70 ° C

Brand: Johnson Controls

Producer: Visonic Ltd.

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