Bentel NEKA sirena da esterno autoalimentata per installazioni cablate filare del impianto di allarme

Wired and self-powered exterior siren with blinker Bentel Neka

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Product description

The Neka self-powered external siren of Bentel Security representsthe consolidated experience of the brand in the security sector, as well as a reference point in the field of optical-acoustic warners thanks to the technology with microprocessor control that guarantees a great accuracy of operation.

The Neka siren of Bentel also offers an effective self-diagnosis functionality, both of the battery and battery lamp (only Neka and Neka-F models), whose level and state of efficiency are constantly monitored. Any fault reports are reported both locally and in the center through the appropriate outputs. The siren is also equipped with a safety system for which, if the battery is discharged, the remaining energy will be used for the emission of the sound while the flasher will be off (Neka and Neka-F only).

In addition to the consolidated protections on all sirens (bursts, removal, cables cutting), a further cover against foam injection is offered on the Neka-F and Neka-FS models, particularly effective thanks to the use of a dual detection. The robust used plastic material and the internal tropicalized metal protection guarantee virtually unlimited weather resistance.

Main features of the external siren Filary Bentel Neka

  • Sturdy external container in plastic material resistant to the most adverse weather conditions.
  • Extra internal protection with tropicalized steel lid.
  • Magnetodynamic exponential trumpet with high acoustic return for a powerful modulated sound emission in frequency with the possibility of associating different sounds to the various alarm inputs.
  • Protection against thread cutting, lamp filament rupture and burglary.
  • Battery test circuit with exclusion of the low battery flashing light (only in neka and neka-f) models.
  • Device for anti-foam protection (only in Neka-F and Neka-FS models).
  • Alarm time (sound and luminous emission) programmable.
  • Different inputs per sectal the desired alarm mode (acoustic alarm only, only visual alarm, acoustic and visual alarm).
  • Simple installation with drilling template.

Technical details of the siren spin from outside Bentel Neka

Product sizes (a x L x P):208 x 252 x 98 mm

Product weight:2300g (excluding buffer battery)

Color color: White metallic (with orange lens)

Installation environment: outside

Type of installation:Spin / wired

Type of power:10-13.8 Vcc max 0.6 a

Programmable maximum alarm time:3-10 minutes

Operating temperature:From -25 ° C to 55 ° C

Brand: Johnson Controls

Producer:TYCO | Bentel Security

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