Ricetrasmettitore PowerG Host BW-PGH per ampliamento wireless della centrale di allarme Bentel Absoluta Plus

BW-PGH PowerG signal transceiver for Absolute alarm center

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Product description

BW-PGH is a transceiver that adds wireless capacities to your Bentel ABSoluta Plus alarm center. In fact, equipping the control panel of a BW-PGH module it will be possible to connect wireless accessories with PowerG technology, such as detectors, radar, sensors, sirens, Remote controls, etc ... At your Alarm Central Bentel Absolute Plus. Without the need to spread wires or electrical pipes to configure your alarm system.

The BW-PGH transceiver connects to the Bentel Absolute Plus alarm control unit, via a serial bus cable to maintain a high level of safety; And it will therefore be able to guarantee fully encrypted communications
On Corbus.

Finally, the module is equipped with anti-sabotage and anti-tampering devices such as front and rear tamper and can be connected up to 230 meters from the alarm control unit with 0.34 mm cables.

Main features of BW-PGH transceiver for absolute system wireless expansion

  • Supports up to 128 wireless zones. It also supports up to 32 remote controls.
  • Spectrum spread technology to exceed the frequency block and interference.
  • Adaptive transmission power for battery consumption optimization.
  • High Transmission Ranges for reliable communication up to a distance of 2 km.
  • 128-bit encryption To ensure a high level of protection against analysis tools and digital attacks.
  • Radiofrequency disorder supervision.
  • Synchronized communication with TDMA technology to prevent the message
  • LEDs for status visualization.

Technical details of the BW-PGH wireless expansion module

Product sizes (a x L x P):161 x 161 x 50 mm

Product weight:500g

Color color: White

Installation environment: indoor

Type of installation:Spin / wired

Type of power: 12V

Absorption: 60 mA

Operating temperature:From -10 ° C to 55 ° C

Brand: Tyco Bentel| Johnson Controls

Producer: Bentel Security

Consult the Data Sheet

More details on the official website